Article for The Wikiquote News:

Hey, I'm Pmlinediter, an editor and administrator here.

SEWQ is growing; we're getting new users and new pages. I'd like to congratulate everyone for their efforts in keeping this wiki running. 500 articles is a great achievement for us.

I recently proposed VGP for this wiki and it was successful. Please read our criteria and nominate pages for it. I hope we get many VGPs soon. :D

So, 9 months in the year are over. One quarter is left, and I'd like to set some goals for us. My goals for these three months are:

  • Create 250 pages
  • Get 20 VGPs
  • Increase active editors from ~6 to ~10
  • Get enough interest to change QOTW to QOTD back again

These may seem a bit too much, but well, this is what I'd like. I'm going to checklist these goals once they're done. I sincerely hope that we reach these goals in an even shorter time.

Cheers, PmlineditorTalk 15:21, 19 September 2009 (UTC)