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AutoWikiBrowser, sometimes shortened to AWB, is a MediaWiki editor that makes repetitive tasks quicker and easier. It opens up a new page when the last one is saved. It can suggest some changes if you change the settings.

AutoWikiBrowser can make a list of pages from one or more categories, "what links here", the wiki links on a page, a text file, a Google search, a user's watchlist, or a user's changes.

The sources are available under the GPL. It is written in C# using Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition/Visual Studio, available at Microsoft downloads. There is an AWB IRC channel at — #AutoWikiBrowser.

Examples of AWB-assisted work are noted on the projects page, which also lists projects that currently need AWB help.

If you want to use AutoWikiBrowser, you have to ask an administrator to add you to the check page. After you have been added to the list, click here to download AutoWikiBrowser.

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