Wikiquote:Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal

This is where you can find out about helping out the Simple English Wikiquote.

Things you can do

Write a page

We need your help writing pages on these lists. If you can think of any other important quotes, write a page for them too.

Translate into Simple English

These pages need some quotes to be translated:

Find sources

If quotes don't say where they're from, try to find the book, Internet article, etc., the source of it. See Category:Pages needing sources for a list of them. Also, see Category:Pages needing reliable sources for a list of articles that have sources that aren't very reliable and need to be replaced with more reliable ones. It might help to use Google Book search.

Choose some quotes for Quote of the Week

To see how, see Wikiquote:Quote of the Week.

Things to get involved with