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For usernames, see Wikiquote:Username.
This page is a guideline on Wikiquote.
It tells about ways to do things, which many users agree should be the way things should be done.
Major changes to this page should be talked about on the talk page before changing.

Every user has a user page.

If your username is Example:

  • Your user page is the page at User:Example
  • Your user talk page is the page at User talk:Example
  • Your user space is the collection of all the above.

What can I have on my user page?

On most usepages, the users have added the {{userpage}} tag. This will give the box shown underneath.

This is a Wikipedia user page.

This is not an encyclopedia article. If you find this page on any site other than Wikipedia, you are viewing a mirror site. Be aware that the page may be outdated and that the user this page belongs to may have no personal affiliation with any site other than Wikipedia itself. The original page is located at [automatically-generated link].

Your userpage is not a blog, webspace provider or social networking site. It is more used to shown information about your Wikiquote account (e.g. articles created, goals to be reached). You can use your user page to help you to use Wikiquote more effectively: to list "to do" information, works in progress, reminders, useful links, and so forth. It's also good for experimenting with markup (like your own sandbox).

Some people add information about themselves as well, possibly contact information (email, instant messaging, etc), a photograph, their real name, their location, information about their interests or likes and dislikes. This is allowed but you don't have to add anything.

Another common use is to let people know about your activities on Wikiquote, and your opinions about Wikiquote.

You might want to add quotations that you like, or a picture, or some of your favorite Wikiquote articles or images.

Many users include mentions of the languages they know (see Wikiquote:Babel).

What about user subpages?

If you need more pages, you can create subpages. These can have almost anything on them:

  • A work in progress, until it is ready to be released
  • Archives of user talk
  • Tests; for testing a template, make it a separate subpage.
  • A page of awards you have received or pictures you have taken.
  • A userbox which can be used by other users.

What can I not have on my user page?

You should avoid having content on your user page that is unrelated to Wikiquote.

Wikiquote is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site. Your page is about you as a Wikiquotian. You may not have:

  • A weblog
  • Discussion not related to Wikipedia
  • Personal information (more than a couple of pages) unrelated to Wikiquote
  • Personal opinions on matters unrelated to Wikiquote
  • Other non-encyclopedic material

In general, if you have material that you do not want others to edit, or that is inappropriate for Wikipedia, it should be placed on a personal web site and not Wikiquote.


Pages in user space still do belong to the community:

  • Contributions must be licensed under the GFDL, just as articles are
  • Other users may edit pages in your user space
  • Community policies, including Wikiquote:No personal attacks, apply to your user space just as they do elsewhere
  • In some cases, material that does not somehow further the goals of the project may be removed (see below), as well as edits from banned users.

Page protection

As with article pages, user pages are vandalised. When vandalism continues, the affected page should be protected from editing.

Note that repeatedly adding copyrighted content on your own user page after being notified that doing so violates our policy is also considered vandalism, and may result in it being protected.

Protected pages in user space should be unprotected as soon as practical.

How do I create a user subpage?

In all namespaces except for the article namespace you can create a subpage.

Here are some examples: User:Example/subpage is an example of a user subpage for User:Example. Your user page, if it exists yet, is here. If you wanted to create a user subpage called "Sandbox", you would find it here.

Subpages are used:

  1. To place user page-appropriate content on a separate page in order to avoid having a large user page or merely not to conspicuously display it (for example, an awards page)
  2. To plan large changes to articles or new articles
  3. To delineate views on Wikipedia, its functioning, or behavior of Wikipedians in general
  4. To test edits

To link to a user subpage called "example" from your main user page, place the text


How do I delete a user subpage?

You can easily request the deletion of any of your user subpages (or possibly your user page) by adding {{QD}} to the top of page.

How do I delete my user and user talk pages?

Just add {{QD}}. A sysop will then delete it after checking that the page does not contain evidence of policy violations that may need to be kept. This is usually done to eliminate general public distribution of the history containing the information.

User talk pages are generally not deleted, but barring legal threats or other grievous violations that have to be removed for legal reasons.

User pages that have been deleted can be recreated with a blank page, or a link to Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians to avoid red links pointing to them.