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This is an essay. It is not a policy or guideline. Please update the page as needed, or discuss it on the talk page.

Simple English Wikiquote is a place for free quotations. All pages should have notability or importance.

  • Articles on Wikiquote should talk about people or things that are well-known.
  • Articles on Wikiquote should be sourced.
  • Wikiquote is not a place for random quotes by anyone.

Types of notable of articles

Wikiquote articles generally fall into three classes:

  1. People
  2. Works (films, literary works, etc.)
  3. Themes

People articles

If a person has a page at either Wikipedia or at Wikiquote, then that person is probably "notable".

Works articles

If someone wrote something that is notable, it does not always mean that a quote in it is notable (for example, a sentence in Pride and Prejudice is not always notable, unless it has been quoted somewhere outside the book).

Theme articles

Quotations from notable people or publications that talking about a theme can be added to pages. Not everything someone has said about a them is notable, but often themes (or topics) can have had things said about it.

Discussing not-notable articles

Articles on non-notable subjects can be talked about in Deletion requests. It is also possible for administrators to quickly delete articles about real people, groups of people, bands, or clubs where they are not notable.

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