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Administrators, also called admins or sysops (system operators), are Wikiquotians that can do some special things that help keep Wikiquote running smoothly. They have been given the ability to do these things because they are trusted by the community, but this does not make them better or more important than anybody else. Administrators are able to delete pages, protect pages, block users, and undo these actions as well. They can see restricted pages that only administrators can see and use. These pages include Special:BlockIP, Special:DeletedContributions, Special:GlobalBlockWhitelist, Special:Import, Special:Undelete, and Special:UnwatchedPages. Administrators can also "rollback" (undo) changes to any page, but other users can also, by changing an old version of the page under its history. If you want to be an administrator, request it at Wikiquote:Requests for adminship. If you have a request for deletion/undeletion, protection/unprotection, blocking/unblocking, or anything that needs attention by administrators, make it at Wikiquote:Administrators' noticeboard.

List of administrators

You can look at an automatic list at Special:ListUsers/sysop


Note: B stands for bureaucrat.

Inactive and Semi-Active


See also

  • meta:Steward requests — Tells how to find a steward. Stewards can act as administrators here and on any Wikimedia Foundation project wiki to help if there is a lot of vandalism, pages needed to be deleted, etc. If you can't find or contact one of the administrators to handle the problems here, or if they are not currently online, ask a steward to handle the problems.
  • meta:Small Wiki Monitoring Team — A group Wikimedians who, using IRC and other tools, monitor small wikis (such as Simple English Wikiquote) for vandalism or trolling. Contact an editor on the active list if you can't take care of the vandalism or trolling (if any) here on Simple English Wikiquote.



Bureaucrats are a slightly higher administrative level that can perform a few additional functions. Bureaucrats can give administrator or bureaucrat status to other users following a successful request at Wikiquote:Requests for adminship. Bureaucrats can also help users who want to change their usernames via Wikiquote:Changing username. They can also "flag" bots, which means to hide their contributions from the Special:RecentChanges and put them in the bot group. Requests for bot flags should be made at Wikiquote:Simple talk for community consensus.

List of bureaucrats

You can look at an automatic list at Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat

Requests for administrator/bureaucrat rights

See Wikiquote:Requests for adminship.

Requests for administrators' attention

See Wikiquote:Administrators' noticeboard

Quick deletion requests

Requests for bureaucrat attention

Please ask for username changes at Wikiquote:Changing username. If a request for adminship is overdue, please be patient; a bureaucrat will be there to close it soon. If you want a bot flag for your bot, please discuss at simple talk.